Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

I saw Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels today at Aldi's and they looked
delish (price $2.19) so I gave them a try!

Roll out the dough (its precut like cinnamon rolls)
Make them look like pretzels -
hint: they say to start at the top and twist but its easier to lay down the bottom
and make a twist in a "heart" shape.
(that's probably confusing, just start at the bottom!)
Dribble water so the cinnamon sugar sticks

Bake 11-14 min

and they were SOOOO yummy!

So how did my run go today?

Didn't hit my goal of 4.5 today, but
I'll get there!

Got my costume stuff today with my friend for Warrior Dash
So will post pics after I work on costume!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

garage sale 3/26/11

Saturday's (that I'm not working) means: garage sales!!
This is what I found last weekend....

Yay so excited about my new stuff :)

And how's training for Warrior Dash been going? Well I ran this
 morning (3/29/11) in the rain!! That's dedication flat out crazy! I hid my
iPhone in my hoodie pocket. And here's todays... (yeah only 1 mile but
I plan to do P90x Video to make up for it! Got to be a rounded athletic person by the dash!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Magazine Rack

So I went on a trip to Goodwill I saw this little beauty in disguise...
Yes $3.75, I COULDN'T pass it up...

So I set up all my stuff outside, and didn't forget my Sonic drink!
(Ya know they say they have like a million different flavor combinations,
so today I tried a Strawberry Ocean Water & it wasn't too bad!
Next time I'll stick to my Vanilla Diet Dr.Pepper though)

Yes... I do sand with a gardening glove, the sandpaper gets hot on my fingers!

So here's the "after" 2 good coats of OOPS paint left over from the mirror project 
and as you can see it's pretty cute!
But of course I thought it needed a little damage shabby chic look.

With a few scrapbooks and western ducks!

And today's (Tuesday 1/22/11) run... 4.04 miles in 55 minutes and 52 seconds!
I'm training for this really cool race called Warrior Dash! Where I'm going to dress up in a Warrior outfit and run through mud, over fire, up and over hay bales, anyways its 12 crazy obstacles over 3.2 miles!

 It was 85 degrees out there today and I found a neighborhood with a killer hill, but I made it :)
*Note, I am not a runner, if I did this ANYONE can, just start small :)

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday Garage Sales & Sunday- My first time to run a 5k

So Saturday & Springtime means... Garage Sales!! :) And this week I got a few adorible finds...

(now will be on the hunt for the perfect lamp to match)

(I later found them online for $30+ a piece, and I promise they
came from a very 'clean looking' family)

Warrior Dash is in 3 weeks, 5 days, 11 hours, and 38 min...
Let me just say I am SUPER SUPER mad at my app for messing up. I was running and I looked down and it said "1.66 miles" I ran down a few streets and looked down again... It said "1.66 miles" so while running I started it over again, so I ran more than what shows but you get the picture... 

 So I have proof that I ran 3.57 miles and I am so SUPER DOOPER beyond words excited...

I didn't think I would ever be a runner, but tonight I proved  it to myself <3

Thursday, March 17, 2011

fun with plaster- cross and heart

I had been given some several canvas' from when my grandfather cleaned out his house, and wasn't sure what to do with them... So I went to Hobby Lobby for ideas!  And I found...

I of course used my 40% off digital coupon on my phone!

I've never played with plaster so it was a fun mess!
(ignore my icky towel covered in paint from previous projects)

I started on a "trial canvas" because I thought the first would turn out aweful... but
I eneded up liking it... So I freehanded a heart with a spoon.

Used the end of a paint brush to add some decorations.

Paint on sale! (ignore my thumper pj's)

Painted it red!

Added some black on the outside  & LOVE IT!!

So off to a BIGGER canvas I go...
I painted it brown and mapped out my cross.
 Added the plaster with designs using the paint brush like I did on the heart.
 I painted the cross red
 I did darken it with brown paint on a wet paper towel and dabbed it on over the red.
I added scrapbook paper to frame the cross.
 To show the 3D that the pictures was stealing from it.
Finished, and side by side...

So how's my running coming along?  
I didn't hit my goal of running 2.5miles today, it was 85 degrees and not a cloud found in the sky.
But here it is... (run 3/17/11)
I will say that knowing I was going to put my run on todays craft blog did motivate me to run further, and it was aweful.  But with Warrior Dash around the corner I better keep it up!!


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