Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Warrior Dash 1 Month Away

Okay so I realize that this is a "craft" and "food" type blog... But this blog is about ME and MY STUFF... And I'm SUPER excited about my first race, called "Warrior Dash!!" (my big race) its 3.24 hellish miles, and 12 obstacles, I'll be dressed up like a warrior and will be covered in mud and jump through fire!  When I started this training thing I am embarrassed to say but I couldn't even run 1/4 of a mile without feeling like death!  So I started with walking 3 miles a few days a week, P90X, and a few other videos I have.  I WANT to enjoy running, I want to like it, but I hate cardio, always have.  The first time I ran a whole mile without walking, I was SO PROUD of me.  Running with my addition iPone has helped a lot because I can keep track of my mileage AND listen to music.  So on Sunday (3/13/11) I ran... without any walking at all...

 On Tuesday (3/15/11) I ran a little further...
My run tomorrows goal : 2.5miles

If I can do this ANYONE can, so maybe this will encourage someone else to do it.

So on my next craft blog I'll be doing an update on my running status! And after the race I'll post pic's!!
(If my runner friends see this they will LAUGH at my little accomplishments, but you got to start somewhere!)


Anonymous said...

hey pretty lady , check out yuri elkaim on youtube (great stuff for workouts and running) , if you have any questions or need help with anything let me know , oh and keep up the great work

Steven Beaty

Anonymous said...

hey mam btw since im in slake now we should run together i try to run everyday and nothing is more motivating than a girl out running you lol

Amanda said...

That is amazing to be up to that level. I'm excited to see how much more you push yourself to achieve your goals.