Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My house is coming along!! Breaking ground!!

In case you don't know my story, I just bought my first house and am so tickled pink
and proud of my accomplishment... here's how its coming along!!!

yes I move in in 65 days... so from here they are going to have to chop chop :)

another version of my memo board

So I made another memo board, one of the ladies my mom works with
saw the post about my memo board and thinks it would be a great addition to her home
and to help communicate with her elderly mother. 

I was honored to take her order and make her one...
Here's how it turned out:

See tutorial right here!!!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

teeth snack

I got the CUTEST picture sent to my phone this weekend from my

step 1- slice the apples (a slicer would make this easy breezy)
step 2 - coat one side of each apple in peanut butter
step 3 - place mini marshmallows in between each peanut butter side
step 4 - have fun, show of your new "grills"!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day Jalapenos

So when I went to canton I found a hand-made jalapeno de -seed-er...

It worked GREAT to take the seeds out!!
I stuffed 25 jalapenos with cream cheese and a little shredded Cheddar cheese,
then wrapped them in bacon and put them in the oven at 350deg for 30 min.
I would recommend putting them in a dark coated pan OR on the grill instead of this
white colored pan.

Can you say DELISH??
and the jalapeno corer was A GREAT HELP!!

To go with fathers day we made Julia Child's Chicken Cataloni
Similar recipe here.

And for dessert... Sopapilla cheesecake!!

Had a wonderful father's day, hope you did too.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

MAVS parade

So what's the difference between a dollar and LeBron?
A dollar has four quarters.


So I'm a huge Dallas Mav's fan so needless to say I was super excited
to see my team win it all!! I went to the parade in Dallas which was
a blast!! No one from Ft Worth that I had talked to could get off work
to go so I drove all the way to Plano at 6 am(45min) to take the DART back to Dallas.
We got to the parade at 8am and got an awesome spot right on the parade rout with
no one blocking my view, YAY!

So after it was over we took the Dart back to Plano, and waited about 2 hours
to get on, well then the DART gets in a tunnel and the one in front of us BREAKS DOWN.
Yeah, so we were stuck with nowhere to go, everyone smelled, no water, no
bathroom, no cell phone service for an hour and a half. UGH it was pretty awful but
I got some pretty awesome shots of the parade with my camera,.... here they are :)

(love the reflection in his sunglasses!)

I love Dirk and JetTerry!!!!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

fun wedding gifts

I guess I'm at that age that all my girls are getting married.
I spend my Saturdays at wedding showers or weddings.
It's such an awesome time in their lives and I'm very pleased that I get to share in their special day.

I got the idea of giving a "pizza dinner in" to my friend Meredith and it
was a huge hit.  Everyone was talking about it and she told me how excited
her finance was about it and they had used it several times
even before the wedding.  So I decided to use my idea again
for Amanda....

Pile of gifts (notice the SUPER cute Popcorn night
gift basket with popcorn flavor, bowls, etc).

This is the wrapped pizza pan, with one of my memo boards, pizza sauce,
and a recipe for pizza crust.

This is Amanda saying "this is like the memo board on your blog!"

She also received this super cute antique box filled with custom
scrapbooked pages to set on each place setting at her wedding
so that guests can write her personal notes!

And the super funny card I found her...

Me and "Amanda Panda"

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Antiqued Wooden Crosses

Awhile back I got crosses at Canton First Monday Trade Days and here's my post
about my first cross I made, I plan to hang it in my bedroom or bathroom when my
house is finished being built.

I got a few more crosses at Canton and used Antiquing glaze (the same
glaze I used here on my chair).

The metal crosses I got were white so I added some distressing,
on the white & brown cross I used wood stain on the higher areas
while on the black & red cross I used the antiquing glaze.

To apply the antiquing glaze on the white wooden cross below I used a
wet old t-shirt scrap (play with how much glaze you want, if you
put on too much, you can wipe it off, just work quickly).

Pretty excited about them!!!
The black & red cross is for my kitchen and the white and brown is for
my parents bedroom!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

grill'n apples

For Memorial Day we grilled out followed by homemade ice cream.
Nice and fun family time!

I've seen Food Network people grill pineapple and peaches, so I was like why not .... APPLES?

So here goes my own recipe of apples on the grill....

Cut apples (I used two that I happened to have in the fridge, probably weren't "baking apples"
oh well!!)


Put a couple slivers of butter, spoonful of sugar, and a little Cinnamon.

Wrap in aluminum foil.

(got everything else ready for the grill)

(Put apples right on the heat in the foil)

Ready to eat!

Dad's AMAZING mango salsa

Apples were DELISH!!!!

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thanks yall!