Saturday, December 3, 2011

my FIRST Christmas tree & mantle decor

yay my first Christmas tree, and first time to decorate a house at Christmas time!!

I bought a lot of my decor (greenery, and ornaments last year after Christmas-- cheaper that way!)

Got these poinsettias at canton for $1, the greenery at canton for $.50, snowflakes were in a pack
at the dollar store, the lighted sticks on sale at Kirklands, the red vase at a fabric store for $2.

I got the garland at a garage sale for $1.
For the wreath: I used the greenery to tack in the wire mesh then added snowflakes
and the white ball (purchased at canton for $4).  This will probably go on my front door!

I LOVE my tree, its so ME- not for everyone I know

Got the vase and all floral at Hobby Lobby 50% off, got the antique
Christmas balls at a garage sale for $.50

LOVE this little stand got it at Canton for $5

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road- House Warming Party

I'm FINALLY posting my housewarming party!!

I love am obsessed with the Wizard of Oz, and how perfect of a
theme for a house warming party!! squeal :)

So here are some photo recaps :)

See if you can pick up on all the movie themed foods :)

(follow the yellow brick road roll ups)

^ witches brew (lime koolaid, ginger ale, pineapple juice) was delish!

^ my dear friend Amanda made me a "bucket list" it was the
HIT of the party! She has me so figured out :)

^I had a recipe card in each invite! :)

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

night stand for spare bedroom

At about 1pm I was finishing up garage sales a few weeks ago and saw a man carrying
this little night stand to the road. I asked if he was throwing it away and he said "yes take it,
but it has a broken leg!"  I took it gladly and brought it home and went to town on it!

I used a Sander and "liquid sand paper" (ask Lowes/Home Depot where its at)
for the spindles to make it easier.  And the paint was some "oops paint" that I paid $5 for
and I've used it before. 

Here's how it turned out...

Not crazy about the decor for the top of it yet, but I'm going to CANTON soon :)

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Friday, November 11, 2011

refinished pieces to make my dream master bedroom

Okay, this will be my biggest refinish project ever!

Okay remember this bed set that was THOUSANDS of $$$ out of  my single girls price budget?

And remember this bed that I bought for $20??

Well, I'll let the photos speak for them self....

All the paint used was "oops" paint from Lowe's
($5 for the turquoise, and $5 for the brown)

Painted a layer of brown on all pieces, followed by a layer of turquoise on all pieces,
then took a sander to get off some of the turquoise for the 'worn' look.

I painted the top of the dresser then decided I wasn't a huge fan, 
then had to strip off all the paint and use 3 different grains of sand paper to get back 
to the natural wood surface.  

Picked up a mirror at a model home auction for $15

Move in day....
(the night stands were a present from my parents, match the dresser top so well!) 

 Where I put on my make up everyday!

 I plan to mount my TV on the wall.
 I just LOVE my dresser!!!

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I'm so happy with my 'custom' bedroom set!!

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