Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day SALES!

Okay so Memorial Day Weekend was full of SALES...

I thought I would show off mine, like that crazy show Extreme Couponing does
(although I do think they are crazy and have hording issues!).

First up, I went to a model home sale and bought this coffee table for $30, yes $30,
heck yes & so I went home and looked up the model number and
its $850 online, I'd say $30 new is a great deal.

 Up next is lighting fixtures at Lowe's, they were on sale and the
top one was half off because the box was "opened" so I got it for $25 and it was originally
$142, I got the bottom one for $15 because it was the last one.
Good Deal? VERY MUCH SO!

 Okay next up... Probably the best deal... It was tax free for washers, and refrigerators.
I need a washer, dryer, and refrigerator for my new house so GREAT TIMING.
Lowe's price matched Home Depot's price for Samsung's Washer and Dryer and
Lowe's had the best price for the Fridge :) super exciting!! here's the proof
with my purchase of the lights, appliances, and a can of "OOPS" red paint...

YES I SAVED $1,067.35 cool!

and while i was out shopping these are things I want!!

Tile for my entry way...

This ceiling fan for my living room... 

AND I bought a bed at a garage sale a few weeks ago for $20
here's a picture

and I saw this beauty... this is my inspirations! (I already have a close match to
this paint color).

 Can't wait!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

running tonight thinking about WHY I cant wait until I have my house

So I went on my run tonight and thought about a
few reasons of WHY I'm so excited to own my first home :)

To mount my TV for Cowboy's, MAVS, & Ranger games :)

To display the furniture I've purchased!
(this is my first piece I bought and I bought it from a patient who
refinished it, this was the piece that made me want
to start refinishing things).

Because ALL of my new stuff is shoved in boxes in the extra room
and my parents deserve their room back!!

(blushing for showing this mess!)

been out of the box yet! And will look GREAT on my granite
counter tops :)

Because my heels deserve better than reusable shopping bags.

Because I have some REALLY cool
western things for my living room that I can't wait to show off !!

And lastly, because I NEED a bigger closet :(

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Thanks yall!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pillowcases for Kenyan Orphans

My dear friend Tasha, you may remember her awesomeness from here. Asked me if
I'd like to help her make pillowcases for Orphans in Kenya! And of COURSE I said
yes, but realize when I volunteered I didn't realize it was 41 pillowcases!!

She and her husband are very active in the college bible study at our church so she
recruited some of them, and she was VERY pleased to have 18 people
show up to help us, with sewing machine malfunction and that many people
turned into a very fun social night! haha!

But they are all completed now, thanks to the awesome college group
 and I know the kiddos at the Orphanage will be
 excited to receive them!

Here's the tutorial!....
start with 3 fabrics
Fabric A: 3/4 yard 42 inches wide
Fabric B: 1/4 yard 42 inches wide
Fabric C: 1/8 yard 42 inches wide

Wash and Iron all fabrics. 
 Lay out fabric A right side up.
Iron Fabric B and C wrong sides together {hot dog style}.
Lay fabric B along the top of Fabric A.
Lay fabric C along the top of Fabric B.

*All seams are sewed 5/8 inch*
Sew the three together along the top of the fabric (this is the top boarder).

Now iron up OR down fabric B.
Sew the remaining side and bottom.
Flip back RIGHT side out, and your done.
YES its THAT simple!!

My fabric..

The fabric table.

She was explaining to the group!

As you can see the layers ironed and ready to pin.

One finished one! SUPER CUTE!!

College group working hard!!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Breadbox Makeover

So awhile ago I came across this blog post I fell in love! I had already bought several damask (pattern) items for my new home and knew this would be a PERFECT add. So I went to Goodwill and found one my first trip, yea when does that ever happen?? But here it is :)

Before I got to work ...

Measured the length and width of the wood pieces and marked on the back of
scrapbook paper (I used a scrapbook cutter but you could use scissors to cut it out).

The inside and outside were gross so I gave it an extra good sanding.

Then painted the outside black and applied scrapbook paper with Modge Podge.
(I painted a layer of Modge Podge under the scrapbook paper and over as well, this was the
most tedious part of the whole thing).

I found the knob for the bread box at Michael's for $1, and the bread box was $3 :)
(the glass door knob on top was from a fun trip to canton $7,
and the Cow is my mom's milk dish for coffee)

And its in USE! :)

Can't wait to put it in my FIRST HOME.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My First Home - A year ago today I graduated College, today I bought a home!!

My blogging has been slacking, and its because I've been spending every extra
second looking at homes, looking at lots, looking online, racking my brains, etc.
And the hunt if FINALLY over, today I signed on my first home.

When I went to sign and date everything I realized I graduated college ONE YEAR ago today!
What a WONDERFUL day :) It takes 3 1/2 months to build so that gives me plenty of time to
craft and look for find fun stuff for my new home!

Strong Independent Woman!!

If anyone wants to leave me tips on organizing, decorating, who to not get
overwhelmed with the options at the design studio, etc they will be read and greatly appriciated :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

garage sale 4-30-11 finds

I've been slacking on blogging!! I KNOW I KNOW, I'm gunna be better :)

some good finds!! future projects to come :)