Thursday, March 17, 2011

fun with plaster- cross and heart

I had been given some several canvas' from when my grandfather cleaned out his house, and wasn't sure what to do with them... So I went to Hobby Lobby for ideas!  And I found...

I of course used my 40% off digital coupon on my phone!

I've never played with plaster so it was a fun mess!
(ignore my icky towel covered in paint from previous projects)

I started on a "trial canvas" because I thought the first would turn out aweful... but
I eneded up liking it... So I freehanded a heart with a spoon.

Used the end of a paint brush to add some decorations.

Paint on sale! (ignore my thumper pj's)

Painted it red!

Added some black on the outside  & LOVE IT!!

So off to a BIGGER canvas I go...
I painted it brown and mapped out my cross.
 Added the plaster with designs using the paint brush like I did on the heart.
 I painted the cross red
 I did darken it with brown paint on a wet paper towel and dabbed it on over the red.
I added scrapbook paper to frame the cross.
 To show the 3D that the pictures was stealing from it.
Finished, and side by side...

So how's my running coming along?  
I didn't hit my goal of running 2.5miles today, it was 85 degrees and not a cloud found in the sky.
But here it is... (run 3/17/11)
I will say that knowing I was going to put my run on todays craft blog did motivate me to run further, and it was aweful.  But with Warrior Dash around the corner I better keep it up!!


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