Friday, January 6, 2012

tacky Christmas sweater party

Tacky Christmas Sweater Parties are a HUGE hit :)

I went to two this year, borrowed moms sweater (that she wouldn't be caught dead in) and added
tacky Christmas things to it).  My favorite was the massive red bow in my hair that I hot glues a reindeer to!

 making sweater shaped cookies!

 At the 2nd party my dear friend Ali won the tacky sweater contest so she
gets to hang on to this beauty of a trophy till next year!!
 the group :)
thanks y'all!!

7up cake and new years

On New Years Eve I threw a Masquerade party :) it was a BLAST!!

and as for the cake I did try out my new Cricut cake with marsh mellow fondant but
I have not mastered it yet :/ I'll get it!!

Okay for 7up cake you replace the oil & eggs and so ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS:
put cake mix in bowel then add 7up (about 1 1/2 cups just look for consistency of cake mix) and mix,
bake in oven as usual...

wait... what??? Yes its that simple! Less calories & its more moist!

And the party....

 Just dance in PJ's! :)

Thanks y'all!!

Christmas true meaning

For me and my family Christmas is about the birth of baby Jesus and a wonderful time
spent with family and friends.  So I'd like to take a moment to reflect of my Christmas this year....

after the Candlelight service at Church we came back to my house to start a
new tradition, HOMEMADE Pizza's :) um yum! & so we could each pick our own toppings!
 This was a blast :)
 After dinner we played on my new xbox kinnect the Disneyland game
(that I bought with Christmas money)
 Each Christmas Eve we get to open ONE gift, I got a
Play-Doh Dr Drill & fill, endless excitement and fun :)

Christmas morning my parents gave me the Cricut cake!
(yes, I've opened it and baked a cake, made homemade fondant, and it turned out awful,
I still have much work to go).

I bought my mom a cake carrier and borrowed her Cricut one day to cut Vinyl, 
Love this :) 
This is just a funny story, She always borrows this jacket anytime she can,
so I wrapped it and gave it to her :) she LOVED IT

 and just a pic with Santa!
(my parents neighborhood has horse drawn sleigh rides through the neighborhood to look
at Christmas lights)
Thanks y'all!