Saturday, February 5, 2011

Superbowl North Texas + Ice Storm = A big MESS! {thank gosh for crafts}

So I live in North Texas, and curiosity got to me! I went and check out the COWBOYS stadium getting fit for the big game 2.6.11 back on Sunday... and this is what it looked like...
(I was actually HOT in a light jacket, it was in the 70's) 

Well then comes Tuesday and we got tons and tons of ice! No work and lots of wrecks on the news!

Here's a picture of my driveway on Friday... Where there was once was SOLID ice,
it became ICE with SNOW....

So this meant TONS of time (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
to craft my hearts desire! Only problem, I kept adding to my list of supplies I needed!
So here's a preview of upcoming crafts to look forward to..... (need some finishing touches)

So what got finished this week besides the coasters?
My oober crafty mom saw the trash can I had bought and said she would work on it for me....

Started out plain trash can (of course I had used a printed off 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby)

Painted it brown with $5 OOPS paint (latex indoor), found a pattern online 
(with of course a Fleur de Lis) printed the design, then cut it out.

After she got all done, she decided she needed one too... so on our trip to hobby lobby today she bought
one for herself!

And I got craft supplies to finish my projects....

Happy Blogging!

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