Thursday, February 3, 2011


First of all I'm so super excited that I have had 70 views (3 were in Canada!), 4 Followers, and 1 comment!! (I've had several comments about the blog on facebook as well, leave me some lovin' on here I get super excited, lol)...

Okay so Texas is Ice'd in... and I've used my time organizing the kitchen which was boring  much needed, and crafting! I got the idea from a craft show item that I saw.  I really like going to craft shows to steal ideas for future crafts see all the creative crafts, where I saw a girl who used tile to attach photos in a scrapbook like effect.  I looked on my Mod Podge bottle and noticed that its a "sealer" so put it all together and decided to make coasters.  I first made 4 of these for my friend Susie, which 4 different photos of us together on them.  She LOVES coasters because hates when people leave rings on tables, so she has a coaster everywhere you look!

After making her the 4 I decided to make me a set with pictures of my friends.  The idea is when people come over they can use the coaster with a picture of us together on them.  So here goes....

I purchased cheap tile individually at the hardware store. I chose the white color, but you could try a fun color as well!  Next I painted the sides with black acrylic paint & added black craft felt to the bottom with hot glue (so it wouldn't scratch any tables).

I then added pictures... I had a few to chose from...

Okay so now I picked out scrapbook paper (I've got this favorite pattern I'm starting to use a lot.)

I measured out the side for the top of the coaster, I'll say if I make more later on ill do them slightly smaller, its hard to make a 'seal' on a curved corner!!
 So then I got everything ready to go! Aren't my friends pretty??
Last minute decided to add a personal touch to each one, stickers!!

I added mod podge to the tile, place the paper on top (get out all the air bubbles!!), then put another
coat on top!

(she MIGHT kill me for using that picture of us)
It will look foggy as it dries.

So super cute! I put an extra coat on top to make sure water won't ruin my pic's!!


Anonymous said...

those are super cute! I'm going to have to try to make some.

Tara said...

Great idea. I have never thought of making the coasters with pictures. I did make coaster gifts last year for friends, teachers & bunco gift exchange. I painted the tiles with chalkboard paint. I used cork on the bottom. I stacked 4 together with 2 a couple pieces of chalk & tied it up with a ribbon. Everyone loved them.