Sunday, November 20, 2011

night stand for spare bedroom

At about 1pm I was finishing up garage sales a few weeks ago and saw a man carrying
this little night stand to the road. I asked if he was throwing it away and he said "yes take it,
but it has a broken leg!"  I took it gladly and brought it home and went to town on it!

I used a Sander and "liquid sand paper" (ask Lowes/Home Depot where its at)
for the spindles to make it easier.  And the paint was some "oops paint" that I paid $5 for
and I've used it before. 

Here's how it turned out...

Not crazy about the decor for the top of it yet, but I'm going to CANTON soon :)

thanks y'all, if you like what you see please follow my blog :)

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