Monday, November 7, 2011


okay so I've been MIA on blogger huh? yup!
I've done a mud run, had an open house, Halloween party, went to prison with Bill Glass ministry team (yes volunteering and helping woman in a prison, crazy I know) and tons of furniture re-dos to be posted!!

I'll start with my first time embossing,
I wanted my house warming party to really POP and wow people,
and I LOVE am obsessed with the Wizard Of Oz !

So I bought the invitations on clearance at Target (wedding invites)
And modified with ribbons (used hot glue).

To emboss it was way easy ...
1.  stamp with color of choice (I bought fast drying ink stamper, oops)
2.  sprinkle embossing powder or embossing glitter over the stamp
3.  I let it sit for a minute
4.  dump of the powder/glitter (and get it all, whats left will melt onto blank paper)
5. apply embossing tool (work from an arms length away and SLOWLY bring the paper
closer to the tool.
and TA-DAH!

 I also included a recipe card that people filled out and have given back to me  :)
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Amongst the aspen trees said...

I love how you included the recipe card, what a wonderful idea. You should post your best recipe from the party.

Jamie said...

What a great project. I have yet to try embossing. I would like to though. I'm hosting a giveaway at DIY Home Sweet Home.
I would love for you to stop by and check it out.
P.S. I'm your newest follower. Love you blog.