Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Antiqued Wooden Crosses

Awhile back I got crosses at Canton First Monday Trade Days and here's my post
about my first cross I made, I plan to hang it in my bedroom or bathroom when my
house is finished being built.

I got a few more crosses at Canton and used Antiquing glaze (the same
glaze I used here on my chair).

The metal crosses I got were white so I added some distressing,
on the white & brown cross I used wood stain on the higher areas
while on the black & red cross I used the antiquing glaze.

To apply the antiquing glaze on the white wooden cross below I used a
wet old t-shirt scrap (play with how much glaze you want, if you
put on too much, you can wipe it off, just work quickly).

Pretty excited about them!!!
The black & red cross is for my kitchen and the white and brown is for
my parents bedroom!

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