Sunday, June 19, 2011

MAVS parade

So what's the difference between a dollar and LeBron?
A dollar has four quarters.


So I'm a huge Dallas Mav's fan so needless to say I was super excited
to see my team win it all!! I went to the parade in Dallas which was
a blast!! No one from Ft Worth that I had talked to could get off work
to go so I drove all the way to Plano at 6 am(45min) to take the DART back to Dallas.
We got to the parade at 8am and got an awesome spot right on the parade rout with
no one blocking my view, YAY!

So after it was over we took the Dart back to Plano, and waited about 2 hours
to get on, well then the DART gets in a tunnel and the one in front of us BREAKS DOWN.
Yeah, so we were stuck with nowhere to go, everyone smelled, no water, no
bathroom, no cell phone service for an hour and a half. UGH it was pretty awful but
I got some pretty awesome shots of the parade with my camera,.... here they are :)

(love the reflection in his sunglasses!)

I love Dirk and JetTerry!!!!

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