Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pillowcases for Kenyan Orphans

My dear friend Tasha, you may remember her awesomeness from here. Asked me if
I'd like to help her make pillowcases for Orphans in Kenya! And of COURSE I said
yes, but realize when I volunteered I didn't realize it was 41 pillowcases!!

She and her husband are very active in the college bible study at our church so she
recruited some of them, and she was VERY pleased to have 18 people
show up to help us, with sewing machine malfunction and that many people
turned into a very fun social night! haha!

But they are all completed now, thanks to the awesome college group
 and I know the kiddos at the Orphanage will be
 excited to receive them!

Here's the tutorial!....
start with 3 fabrics
Fabric A: 3/4 yard 42 inches wide
Fabric B: 1/4 yard 42 inches wide
Fabric C: 1/8 yard 42 inches wide

Wash and Iron all fabrics. 
 Lay out fabric A right side up.
Iron Fabric B and C wrong sides together {hot dog style}.
Lay fabric B along the top of Fabric A.
Lay fabric C along the top of Fabric B.

*All seams are sewed 5/8 inch*
Sew the three together along the top of the fabric (this is the top boarder).

Now iron up OR down fabric B.
Sew the remaining side and bottom.
Flip back RIGHT side out, and your done.
YES its THAT simple!!

My fabric..

The fabric table.

She was explaining to the group!

As you can see the layers ironed and ready to pin.

One finished one! SUPER CUTE!!

College group working hard!!

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Katie said...

How awesome are these pillow cases? And the best part is that they are going to a great cause! Thank you for linking up last week at Sew Woodsy and following! Love your blog & your projects!!!

Reethi said...

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