Thursday, May 26, 2011

running tonight thinking about WHY I cant wait until I have my house

So I went on my run tonight and thought about a
few reasons of WHY I'm so excited to own my first home :)

To mount my TV for Cowboy's, MAVS, & Ranger games :)

To display the furniture I've purchased!
(this is my first piece I bought and I bought it from a patient who
refinished it, this was the piece that made me want
to start refinishing things).

Because ALL of my new stuff is shoved in boxes in the extra room
and my parents deserve their room back!!

(blushing for showing this mess!)

been out of the box yet! And will look GREAT on my granite
counter tops :)

Because my heels deserve better than reusable shopping bags.

Because I have some REALLY cool
western things for my living room that I can't wait to show off !!

And lastly, because I NEED a bigger closet :(

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Thanks yall!

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