Sunday, February 12, 2012

singles awareness day

It's already been another year since we did this holiday?

To say I don't like Valentines Day is a huge understatement, but I won't get into it.

I saw on Pinterest people making Valentines desserts and I had saw Pink Marshmallows at WalMart so I
thought WHY NOT make S'mores??

 The kisses take 25 sec or so, and the marshmallow only takes 7 seconds.

 Yum!! So I packaged them up with 2 whole gram crackers, 4 Hersey kisses, and 2 marshmallows.

The little bird bag is an example of how they turned out.  This is the little goody bag I put together
for my mother for Valentines day.  S'mores, Bubble bath, text friendly gloves, and a charm from Brighton!

Thanks y'all!!

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