Wednesday, September 21, 2011

House Drama Update

Ok so I moved into my house on September 10, I took a ton of pictures and can't wait to post my before (blank canvas) and after with decorations (still a work in progress)... But I don't get Internet or TV until Friday! Boo!

Okay so last weekend I had close family friends and some friends over after we ran the Jailbreak, it's like the warrior dash run that I did but it was entirely harder (3.8 miles, more obstacles, and it rained the day before= more mud). We hung decorations all day and got a ton done.

Well yesterday I decided to hang 2 fleur de lis candle holders in my spare bathroom under a metal shelf (shelf was hung on there great, nice and sturdy) well with the hammer I got the first candle holder hung up just fine. Went to hang the second candle holder and just before I got finished the shelf came tumbling down onto my arm. I wasn't in pain but I looked down and the floor, my feet, and the toilet had blood everywhere and I looked around to see where all the blood was coming from. Well it's from my left wrist, the candle holders on top of the shelf got smushed between my arm and the shelf. So I called a few people for rides and finally got a ride from a lady my mom works with's husband who lives close by.

Got to the hospital, 3 hours later got 7 bright blue stitches, they said a medium to deep laceration and that I couldn't go back to work till Monday, eek thats never great to hear!

I'm doing ok, pain today even with vicoden and definitely wishing I had Internet to blog when I found the blog app in the iPhone app store I was very excited!!!

Lots of pictures to come soon:)

(I uploaded two photos with the app, the left shelf is the one that got me, and a picture of my wrist this morning when I took the bandage off. The before stitches photo was way too graphic!!!)

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Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, my goodness. I'm glad it wasn't worse, but that looks pretty bad to me. Take it easy.