Monday, September 5, 2011

Get the keys TOMORROW

Okay so my house has been:
Exciting, exhausting, overwhelming, intriguing, fun, crazy, painful, amazing, frustrating….
well okay, I could go on forever!
the latest struggles:
my garage door had a huge dent & didn’t go up & down on the tracks so it had to be replaced,
they put wood posts in the back fence instead of metal like I was told I would have,
they hung the light over the sink in the guest bathroom instead of in the middle because
“its better for men to see to shave” and had to be moved to the middle,
oh my loan company continuously keeps losing documents after they say they’ve received them
(but if I use this loan company they pay most all of my closing),
and that’s all my venting for now!
But anyways I get the keys tomorrow but I’ll catch you up on the house progress that’s
been happening since my last house post.

Okay does anyone remember the Sex and the City movie scene where she
gets into the new apartment (with her dream closest that Big made for her)
and she is SO excited to put her new pair of expensive designer heel on the shelf?
Tomorrow will be my moment, (except no one did it for me) tomorrow after
handing over the big fat check I'll get keys to MY house,
  unlock the door and carry in my first item going in the house.....
will be my brand new red kitchenaid mixer.

cant wait!!!!


Grammy Goodwill said...

YAY! What an exciting time for you.

Sandie said...

Congrats! Enjoy every minute of it you earned it!