Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lost Socks!

Okay every time I do laundry I see pairs of socks going into the washer and dryer...
but when I take them out, I only seem to find singles?!?!

Either the washing machine or dryer is EATING MY SOCKS!

I've NUMEROUS blogs who have "lost sock" displays for their laundry room so
here's my take on it ....

I used my Cruicut to cut out decorations and "Lost Socks"

Picked out my paper, you may remember it from my bread box makeover, here.

Looked a little dull so I added silver Sharpie around the letters.

Lay out the clothes pins, make sure they are evenly spaced.

I modge podged the BACK of the paper, laid my clothes pins on, let it dry, then
used an exato knife and CAREFULLY cut it out!
(I pre-painted my clothes pins black, but that took FOREVER
and was very messy!)


(these are 4 actual lost socks that all came from ONE load of laundry!)

Now its in storage until my house is finished in 43 days!!

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Kara said...

I definitely need to make one of these!! Brilliant idea!