Sunday, July 31, 2011

goodwill half off day? sweet!

Update- okay I close on my house in 31 days. So that means go to work, go out to the house,
come home, work on this massive bedroom set refinish that I took on, and then crash because
Texas heat beats it out of you!!

So I have a bed, dresser, and vanity already in the works for my
western shabby chic *hopefully* wonderful bedroom set and today
I set out to Goodwill to find 2 night stands, I didn't find them today...
BUT I found out it was 1/2 off today!!

So I had FUN....

Candle holder
 Assorted glassware/candlesticks
 Big ideas for these!
 Candle holder
 Yard art
 Easter decor. Why are there 4 price tags?
 Picture frame!
 HOW cute are those glasses?
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1 comment:

Grammy Goodwill said...

Lucky you with a half off sale. We never have those. And good luck with your upcoming move.