Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas true meaning

For me and my family Christmas is about the birth of baby Jesus and a wonderful time
spent with family and friends.  So I'd like to take a moment to reflect of my Christmas this year....

after the Candlelight service at Church we came back to my house to start a
new tradition, HOMEMADE Pizza's :) um yum! & so we could each pick our own toppings!
 This was a blast :)
 After dinner we played on my new xbox kinnect the Disneyland game
(that I bought with Christmas money)
 Each Christmas Eve we get to open ONE gift, I got a
Play-Doh Dr Drill & fill, endless excitement and fun :)

Christmas morning my parents gave me the Cricut cake!
(yes, I've opened it and baked a cake, made homemade fondant, and it turned out awful,
I still have much work to go).

I bought my mom a cake carrier and borrowed her Cricut one day to cut Vinyl, 
Love this :) 
This is just a funny story, She always borrows this jacket anytime she can,
so I wrapped it and gave it to her :) she LOVED IT

 and just a pic with Santa!
(my parents neighborhood has horse drawn sleigh rides through the neighborhood to look
at Christmas lights)
Thanks y'all!

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Ryan Glanzer said...

Love your Christmas blog, Tiffany! So glad you were able to spend it in your new home. :)