Sunday, August 14, 2011

Home Tour 8-14-11

An update on my home build progress is in order :)

Okay so my closing date got pushed from August 31 to September 6th due to "Texas Heat"
.... needless to say I'm not too happy with the set back because I was counting on the long weekend to get
settled in AND had things set up for delivery already AND
had friends set up to help me move... so back to the drawing boards on all that!

So I added in the date the picture was taken to show you how fast this house is going up!


So this last picture... I walked in my house Friday night and when I started
down the hallway I smelled this awful stink, I smelled it in 2 of the bedrooms as well.
I kept thinking gross it smells like URINE?!?!
Then I walked into the bathroom and started to Gag, I figured out quickly that someone had
pee'd in my bathtub. It was 110 outside so no telling how hot it is inside the house and it was just sitting in their baking in the heat.  GROSS GROSS GROSS. There is a porta potty right outside in the front
yard but some jerk did this!!  I sent this picture to the home builder and if something isn't done
quickly it will be sent to corporate. UCK!

Thanks y'all!! If you like what you see please follow my blog :)

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